Sunni Centre & Mahboobul Ulama Academy Mauritius is not a movement based on just imaginary and impracticable ideology and philosophy but, on the contrary, is based on a comprehensive and practicable ideology. Its leadership has not only introduced the ideology but also provided a detailed strategy to be practically put into practice. Moreover, it aims at reviving the true values and principles of Islam, eliminating the social, cultural, ideological, moral, spiritual, economical, legal and political decline of Muslim Umma in particular and the whole mankind in general. Love, peace, harmony, universal brotherhood, justice, equity and prosperity lie only in the revival of these values. With this well-defined goal fixed, the SCM has laid down four major objectives to achieve.

  •  Daʻwah and Propagation of True Islamic Teachings
  •  Reformation of the Moral and Spiritual Affairs of Ummah
  •  Revival of Islamic Sciences
  •  Promotion and Renaissance of Islam